Thursday, January 10, 2013

Award season, diminishing

I'm not an award show devotee and you might not be either for several good reasons:

1.  Are these awards being voted on by industry leaders, peers, old fogies, corporations? And if it is a people's choice award, does the middle-ground rabble average really interest me, a (film/theatre/music/literature/et al) dilettante?

2. Many in the audience use award nominations and winners as an after-the-fact list of "proven" pieces of art to view or to purchase. Box office sometimes works the same way: if it's #1, it's gotta be good, right? If it wins an Oscar or Emmy, does that immediately mean it's a must-see?

3. Genre projects are the redheaded stepchildren (sci fi/horror/fantasy mostly) who rarely get recognized (unless it stays in its own backyard, like the Saturn or Hugo). As a result, many of my film and television favorites have never been nominated for major awards. Crowd pleasers are more often spotlighted, not cult favorites.

4. The Palme d'Or is all that matters.


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